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    Salvatore Raunich

    Hi Andreas,

    this is also another feature that we have already in our roadmap and that was in the wish-list of other customers too.

    Actually renaming a virtual schema is already possible. You can do it graphically in Data Virtuality Studio by right-clicking on the virtual schema name in the Data Explorer pane on the left side and select "Rename schema".

    As an alternative, you can also call the "SYSADMIN.renameVirtualSchema()" stored procedure. Please, you can find more details in our reference guide:


    Renaming views and procedures is still missing but planned for one of the next major releases. Technically speaking, to implement this feature we need to extend our SQL syntax and to rework a big part of our code, in order to be sure that the changes are correctly propagated to all the other dependent objects (views, procedures, recommended optimizations, jobs, etc.).

    As I mentioned already, we are going to release 2.1 quite soon and afterwards we will start planning other features like this one.



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