ability to read Excel sheets on a AWS S3




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    Martin Lutzemann

    Dear Mr. Seur,


    thank you for the request you filed.
    Currently, the scenario you describe is a combination of two different connectors,
    because the S3 access belongs to the category of file-type connectors but Excel spreadsheets need
    a different logic in order to add them as data sources.

    Hence, we encourage you to implement this via a short script,
    which dynamically retrieves the excel file you need, stores it in a specified location on the system
    and then automatically refreshes the corresponding data source.

    It is also possible to add new data sources dynamically based on new spreadsheet files.
    Feel free to contact us, if you need any advise regarding the scripts to implement one of
    the mentioned scenarios.


    Best regards,
    Martin Lutzemann

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    Eralper Yilmaz


    Is there a change or a new solution for accessing Excel files stored on AWS S3 buckets?

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    Niklas Schmidtmer

    Hi all,


    there have been more requests on this topic lately, so we decided to start investigating options to create an Excel data source based on a file from another filesystem-like data source (such as S3, Azure Blob Storage, SFTP, etc).

    We need to check the technical situation first, I will report back here as soon as we have more details.





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