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    Niklas Schmidtmer

    Hi Stefan and Neil,

    thanks for your feedback, always appreciated! As you might have noticed in the release announcements, in the last few releases we published a good number of smaller Studio improvements. After solving the current compatibility issues with the latest macOS (see announcement) we plan to continue working on more Studio improvements.

    Some of the points are not purely Studio-related but also require backend changes (e.g. view renaming). I have added those points which can be solved in the Studio to our backlog. The backend-related ones require some more consideration on our side.

    Please be sure to follow the release announcements, you will hopefully soon be able to spot some of the reported issues there.





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    Neil Moses

    Hi Stefan,

    All of the proposed improvements in DV Studio look good to me and get my vote.

    I have a couple of my own:

    • After creating a view in the View Builder, it would be good if the view could be edited in the graphical View Builder rather than just in the SQL Editor
    • Ability to Copy a view, without needing to edit the view and changing the "ALTER" to "CREATE" and renaming the view name
    • Ability to change the default behaviour when closing a SQL editor window so you are not prompted to save the selected SQL files

    Thanks, Neil

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    Sebastian Drozdz

    Hello DV

    Regarding improving DV Studio, I would love to have a comment/uncomment (selected section) button.

    Regards Sebastian

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    Salvatore Raunich

    Hello everybody,

    I am happy to inform you that we released some of the usability improvements for Data Virtuality Studio in the latest LDW 2.4 minor releases.

    In particular:

    • commenting in/out multiple lines of code with single-line or multi-line comments by using keyboard shortcuts or right-click menus in the SQL Editor
    • row numbering in the query result table
    • allow disabling "Save SQL files?" prompt when closing an SQL editor tab

    Right now we are prioritizing more the implementation of our web UI rather than the development of Data Virtuality Studio and we will also take this feedback into consideration for the development of the web interface.

    Please feel free to contact our Support Team for an upgrade of for any further questions.



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