Setting to allow temp tables to support case insensitivity

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    Nick Golovin

    Hello Un Sang, 

    thank you for your feature request. We have evaluated the feasibility of implementing the feature you asked for.

    Unfortunately, during the evaluation we came to the conclusion that this implementation is not realistic at that moment of time. 

    The current sorting order being the key for performant joins across different databases (since its is compatible with the database sortings known as Posix, "C", BINARY etc.)  -- as was probably already mentioned in a different situation -- is just one important aspect to take into account.

    Apart from this, this sorting order is being used and relied on ubiquitously in our software, so that the effort of changing it and -- even more importantly -- testing and QA-ing the possible consequences and problems arising from such fundamental change, is overwhelming in comparison to the effort of using of applying UCASE function to achieve case-insensitive comparison or ordering. 

    In general, the improvement suggestion absolutely makes sense, so that we are adding it into the roadmap backlog -- but given the above we cannot give any ETA on this implementation as of now. 




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    Un Sang Oum

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for the thorough response.  Understood regarding the ETA.  Thank you for including it in the roadmap though.

    Un Sang Oum

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