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    Eugene Bykov

    Amazon announced availability of the several new metrics, namely the view-based attribution for sponsored display in the Amazon Ads API. We will update the connector to reflect these changes soon. This is not a breaking change, however in order to benefit from the new metrics, there might be additional steps required.

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    Eugene Bykov

    Amazon Advertising connector was fully updated to address the changes, scheduled to come into effect on March 30, 2023, with the deprecation of Sponsored Products v2 reporting. The change affects the reporting procedures for sponsored products (the ones following the pattern of Daily*).

    Customers should switch from using procedures following the pattern DailyReport, as these use the deprecated API, to the procedures named by the pattern of Report_Products*, e.g. use Report_Products_Campaigns instead of DailyReport_Campaigns. Since sponsored products were the only feature in the initial API release back in 2018, the name of the legacy procedures will not mention products. The present day procedures already list the ad type in the name. Deprecated procedures will likely stop working after March 30.

    The structure of the v3 reports is different from the v2 reports, thus a fresh replication is required, and it cannot continue into existing tables.

    Customers, who are using consolidated reports, are also advised to backup existing data, and continue with a clean replication, due to the underlying structures being changed. Since consolidated reports deliver the sponsored products data in addition to sponsored brands and sponsored display, and the structure of sponsored products data being modified, one of the base tables need to be re-created from scratch. It is not possible to automate this manually for only a single table, so the whole set should be recreated. 

    Contact our support team to receive the new connector module.

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